Here at Hau Sweet, we work to empower. From crafting you all natural, thoughtfully produced shave ice, to inspiring change within our community and beyond. We aim to create a movement steeped in Gratitude, Equality, Goodness, and Love. 


In 2017, founders Giovanna Favilli and Robyn Wilson launched Hau Sweet as the ultimate artistic expression of their unique Nicaraguan and Hawaiian heritage. The word “Hau” is the Hawaiian word for ice. The beautiful flower petals pictured in the Hau Sweet logo belong to Nicaragua’s national flower - the Plumeria flower.

Both Robyn and Giovanna grew up regularly enjoying shaved ice; Robyn in Hawaii and Giovanna in Nicaragua. This unique cultural collaboration has created a new kind of spin on a traditional dessert. Each of the hand-crafted flavors are steeped in rich history, engaging story and treasured memories waiting to be shared.

Together, Robyn and Giovanna have created a brand that empowers and inspires others to boldly tell their story in a way that will make a positive impact in the world. Encouraging their customers to share the stories only they can share, and use those stories as a force for good in the community.


Giovanna grew up in Nicaragua as the youngest of three with two loving parents. Early on she was taught the value, and the reward, of working hard and embracing people from all walks of life. Even after Giovanna’s family left Nicaragua to escape the war, they would consistently return to Nicaragua to serve the beautiful community they still called home. This love for others, and deep desire to listen to, learn from, and serve the community is intricately woven into the heart and mission of Hau Sweet.

Robyn grew up in Hawaii as the oldest daughter of two loving parents. She was affectionately taught the value of hard work, the beauty in embracing the unique journeys of others, and the ability to use what she has to create something new that will ultimately inspire others to do the same. These values have continued to influence her art.



So go ahead - take a risk. Share your story with your whole heart, your whole self, your treasured past and your brilliant future.