Climbing the Guava Tree


Every time I visit my parents house, I see so much growth. Growing up, all the fruit trees in the backyard were little babies. There was nothing to see but young branches and leaves. But now I found myself walking through their backyard admiring all the fruit they had patiently grown over the years. It was such a wonderful thing to see. 

From pomegranates to pitayas, I had so much fruit to work with. As I brainstormed something to make, I got smacked in the face with the sweet smell of guavas. The aroma was so strong, I thought I had slipped into a cuban pastelito. 

All around me were hundreds of fallen guavas, most of which had already started rotting away. The tree stood there so beautiful and giving. I needed her guavas. 

I wasted no time. In my burkintstocks and vintage WWII army pants, I started up the tree. 

I was able to reach six beautifully plump guavas. Guavas I could smell without even putting them up to my nose. Guavas that would taste like the sweet, rich fragrance they were giving off so proudly. Guavas I couldn't wait to devour. 

With these six guavas, I have created two recipes. Follow the links below and enjoy! 


Guava Jam

click here

Guava Cookies

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